Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Training

What You Will Learn

  • The drivers for data management
  • A definition of data management and the functional components of a cognitive data management system
  • Attribues of a data management policy framework and how to build one
  • The role of a global namespace in data management
  • The role of metadata in data management
  • Tools for data classification and granular metadata management
  • The role of storage resource management in cognitive data management
  • The role of storage services management in cognitive data management
  • The meaning of cognitive and how it is used with data management to automate data hosting, migration, and policy assignment

Who Should Attend

  • Business managers and planners involved with governance, risk and compliance
  • IT operatives who create, manage, protect, secure and preserve irreplaceable data assets

By 2020, with between 10 to 60 zettabytes of new data finding their way into storage infrastructure, the key challenge confronting IT organizations, whether corporate or cloud-based, will be that of finding enough space to store data cost-effectively.  Data storage technology acquisitions already account for up to 70% of IT hardware budgets, and with mounting interest in amassing data from the Internet of Things and mining data for their business value, the need to provision hosting resources efficiently and to ensure that data receives the right combination of protection, preservation and privacy services are front of mind issues for IT planners. 

Needed is a strategy that combines a data management policy framework, storage services management and storage resources management processes, and the latest cognitive computing techniques to provide a new order of data accessibility, performance and control.
In this workshop, we explore and outline a next generation data management strategy.  We will define an architectural model and expert industry speakers will discuss some of the most promising technologies for solving the data management burgeon before it reaches crisis proportions in your shop.  Attendees will receive the Data Management Institute’s Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification.

The Program

SESSION 1:  Why is Data Management Suddenly So Important?

An examination of the business value case for data management – drivers of data growth…the current state of storage…the challenge of “unstructured” data…getting to a managed data practice.

SESSION 2:  Foundations of Data Management:  Key Concepts and Components

What is data management?  A look at data management up to now:  tiering, information lifecycle management, and the emergence of new requirements and models for managing data across infrastructure.  File system proliferation…object models…software-defined storage and hyper-convergence:  too many cooks?  The quest for a global namespace.

SESSION 3:  The Data Management Policy Framework

Defining data classes, storage classes and policies for data hosting, migration, protection, preservation and privacy.  The challenge of legacy data and data silos.  Designing policies that meet business requirements but without impairing new technology adoption.

SESSION 4:  Storage Services Management

The personality of storage:  services.  The re-emergence of service matching through software-defined storage provisioning and special function hyper-converged appliances.  Centralized service management.

SESSION 5:  Storage Resources Management

Plumbing still matters:  the case for SRM.  Storage media, systems and interconnects and the need for on-going monitoring and reporting.  Understanding the impact of latency on workload performance and how to provision and accelerate with I/O performance in mind.

SESSION 6:  Nirvana:  Cognitive Data Management Strategy

The application of AI and cognitive computing to data management:  real time provisioning of services and resources to data per policy, with consistent and on-going updates.  Global namespace functionality for universality and support for heterogeneous file systems, object systems and infrastructure.  The undiscovered country of storage.  A full business value narrative for getting underway on developing a solution (even if you are not experiencing problems yet).

The Certification

Completion of the workshop entitles trainees to a formal certification as a Certified Data Management Professional from DMI.  This certificate will be emailed to the trainee, or may be downloaded following course completion, depending on the on-line venue where the course is taken. 

The 2017 version of this course, subtitled Building a Cognitive Data Management Practice, was offered for replay by Virtualization Review and 1105 Media.  You can access the course at Virtualization Review.  There is no fee, but some additional registration is required.

CDMP Prerequisites

Cognitive Data Management is an emerging field of technology, combining several domains of expertise. This training is foundational and is intended to develop a working knowledge of CDM for both technical and non-technical trainees. No prerequisite knowledge is assumed.