If the recently reported malware and ransomware attacks on businesses and governments have you worried, or the data disclosures following hacks of IT resources or client devices have you concerned, you are not alone.  Data security is on everyone's mind today and data security services are key to effective data management going forward.

This blog is intended to serve as a discussion area for data managers seeking to understand the nuances of data security technology, data privacy strategy and best practices.  We don't claim to be experts, and in fact we wonder if there are any real experts in this field, but it is our hope that collectively, by sharing experiences and insights, we can arrive at a better understanding of data security and data privacy services and how to apply them intelligently to our data assets.

With data security, as with other data management activities, a business focus is key.  There is no one size fits all data privacy or security service.  Effective security requires the interoperation of many layers of technology and training to eliminate potential threats that can be eliminated and to reduce the impact of threats that persist.  

We hope that DMI courseware on data security will aid in establishing a basic knowledge about security practices and we hope to reinforce that training here.  Periodically, we may conduct interviews with domain experts in various aspects of security and post those interviews here.  Plus, we are always writing articles and blog posts on security news, standards work, technology innovations, and strategy elements that will find their way onto these pages.

Please help us to make the Data Security blog successful.  Register to comment and contribute your views -- whether they take the form of product reviews, recent events, or insights drawn from your experience.  All views are respected here, though we hope to stimulate robust debate to achieve a more intelligent and critical viewpoint of security services.  Thanks, and welcome.