The editorial work of the Data Management Institute takes many forms:



Weekly updates are made to the blogs in our Communities of Interest at the Institute e-portal.  You can find these blogs listed under the COMMUNITIES selection in the main menu or select a blog using its corresponding banner listed below:




DMI is also involved in the blog at and we are responsible for an on-line periodical entitled, IT-Sense, at  IT-Sense is under redesign to better identify its connection with the Data Management Institute.


Addtionally, DMI creates informative papers assessing or analyzing market activity in data storage technology and data management technology.  As these documents are published, they are made available for download by DMI members first!

Shortly, we will begin publishing a monthly newsletter to tie these assets together for presentation to members who might not have time to visit the site on a regular basis.






Jon Toigo, Chairman and Founder of the Data Management Insitute, is published monthly by TechTarget in that publisher's e-zine, Storage Magazine.  Toigo is also a columnist at Virtualization Review, where he pens the occasional piece for his "Infrastruggle" series.  He also writes an occasional column, entitled IT Sense, for Enterprise Systems Media's Enterprise Executive and Enterprise Tech Journal.
















The Data Management Institute provides speaking services for webinars and web workshops hosted by our online media partners.  Scheduled webinars will be listed on the Data Management Institute e-portal so that members can choose the events that they wish to attend.

DMI webinars are typically vendor-sponsored events.  DMI takes the lead to open the discussion of a challenge or a problem set that needs to be addressed and helps to define the parameters of a successful solution.  This is typically followed by the sponsor's presentation, which describes how the vendor is surmounting the challenge or deliveirng a solution to the problem set.  While DMI does not endorse specific vendors or their products, we do go to pains to provide a fact-based context for evaluating the offerings of the vendor community.  This is clear from the question and answer session that is usually conducted at the conclusion of any webinar.

Given our special relationship with Virtualization Review, the Data Management Insitute has leveraged VR's webcasting platform and subscriber outreach capability to host and promote our online certification training workshops.  These events usually deliver up to six hours of training leading to a certification for trainees.  To our delight, these events have attracted large audiences of more than 750 trainees on the day of the event, most staying for the full six hours of training, and hundreds more in the replay of the event.  When the event expires on the publication presentation platform, we seek to migrate it to our e-training portal for replay there, or we revise the content and set up a new workshop with Virtualization Review.  Of course, the publisher monetizes these events by selling sponsorships and speaking slots during breaks from DMI training sessions.  We usually get a vote with respect to sponors and we work with the sponsors to help them provide presentations that augment and reinforce DMI learning points.  For trainees, these workshops are a great way to gather certifications and credentials that can help them in their work.











The Data Management Institute is often invited to participate in trade shows and seminars, either in the role of a keynote or session speaker, or to deliver one of our certification workshops.  In the 2016-2017, these activities included speaking before the

  • Professional Records & Information Services Management (PRISM) annual conference in Tucson, AZ
  • Association of Service and Computer Dealers and the North American Association of Telecom Dealers in Berlin, Germany
  • Fujifilm Tape Power Summit
  • CA Inc. CAWorld
  • CA Inc. Data Protection and Data Management Workshop
  • DataCore Regional Conferences in Paris, France and the Principality of Monaco
  • ComputerWeekly Seminars in London, UK
  • LeMag IT Seminars in Paris, France
  • Vantagem+ Seminars in Lisbon, Portugal

In prior years, our live seminar agenda has taken us to many US cities with TechTarget's SearchStorage, to the Middle East, Australia and South Africa with Storage World, to Malaysia with Capitas Ventures, and to Brazil and Argentina with our Brazilian partners.

Live seminars account for approximately 2/3rds of the more than 80,000 trainees certified by DMI since our founding, though recently the webinar-based mode of delivery via this site and our affiliates has been gaining participants.

Check DMI regularly, or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we will be presenting a session or workshop near you.